Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pro Wrestling Report - WWE, ECW and TNA News - September 16, 2006


Max Kurton said...

Dameon, its Max kurton, thank you for reading out my email this week, it was most appreciated, and i love the new blog.

I think that nitro will win this sunday, and jeff and nitro will continue on a feud for a little while with jeff eventually winning the belt.

I also am looking forward to the Orton/Apple boy match up.

In terms of cena vs. edge, as much as i am the biggest edge head around, i rekon wwe are going to make the stupid move of once again putting the title back on mr cena, if this is the case, you will not be seing a happy edge head, i rekon cena could work and improve his character better on smackdown winning back a strong fan base allowing Edge to grow and impress as champion on Raw.

Keep up good work on the blog, enjoy the packers game.


Dasdream said...

Hey what happened to the vid you all were cut, ha anyway I will open up the brand sharing superstars whatever on the messge board to get that going.

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