Saturday, September 23, 2006



We are having technical difficulties with this weeks show courtesy of CANON and will hopefully be able to post this weeks show very soon.

Thanks for your patience!


Friday, September 22, 2006

JBL is Back!

Before he was even gone, it is now being reported that he has inked a deal to STAY with the company!

This is great news for Smackdown! and all of us JBL Marks.


JBL - A Sad Day

The Wrestling God moves on......

It looks as if JBL will be spending more time makining money as an investor and is done with Smackdown in the next few weeks.

Big news with this one folks...I would like to know what y'all think....



The Boogeyman released, Kurt Angle may be back sooner than anyone thought and Vince Russo is back in mainstream wrestling.

What a week in the world of wrestling.

We will be posting this weeks show in the next 24 hours here on the blog and at the site along with our partner networks.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vegas Baby!

On my way home from Vegas! Look for more updates later today!


Monday, September 18, 2006

WWE Unforgiven Wrap UP

Hello all!

There will be no video wrap up of this event because of various reasons, none of which matters, so let's get to mey thoughts on the event from Toronto!

I actually missed the first match, which is good becasue from what I hear, Jeff got robbed! And what was Matt doing there?

Umaga vs Kane was as good as it could have been but very slow in the pace. I did enjoy the promo by Estrada to open the match. Good stuff.

Spirit Squad vs Highlanders was a yawner. Too slow and nobody cared. It was nice to see the "tributes" to the Hart Foundation and a Shake Rattle and Roll! Squad retains.

Hell in the Cell Match was, as far as I see it, just OK. Nothing really new that we have not seen before and I just can't buy two of the top wrestlers in the company being threatened by the chairman and his son. Big time let down, event with the new HITC on crack. Speaking of crack....that was the SECOND time I have seen Show's ass, and the first was NOT on camera......DX Wins...I know, shocking!

Trish Stratus defeats Lita for the strap in her last match with a Sharpshooter. Very, very well done. Classy until Orton called her a BITCH in the NEXT SEGMENT! So long babe. Thanks!

I had high hopes for Orton/Carlito and while they delivered a good match, I still feel there should have been more. The RKO to end it was a very nice touch.

TLC 732 for the WWE Strap. So much potential and excellent delivery. I am not thrilled that Cena won, but to be honest what else does this guy gotta do to get respect? cena came to play in this match and the both of them actually delivered a phenomenal match with several new elements. My hats off to Edge and Cena for execution. It was also special to see Edge get emeotional knowing that when he handed over the belt to the ref, it would be his last time for a while.

Overall, good show. I expected a lot and feel that I actually got it this go round. Good job to the RAW crew for the card.


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