Sunday, October 22, 2006

TNA Bound For Glory Thoughts

Match for match, this was clearly the best wrestling PPV in a very long time from any company. Senshi/Sabin & 6 Sides of Steel were the best matches on the card. It was nice to see Austin "Starr" win the battle royal, BUT how the hell can Petey Williams be eliminated so quick?

Again, overall the PPV was solid form a wrestling standpoint, but there were a few misses as well: Jeremy Borash and Don West need to go NOW. David Penzer needs to not mention the name of the show every time he speaks, we know what it is, we bought it. Now I realize that this was a wrestling PPV and the minor things I mentioned had no impact on the phenomenal wrestling, but when going up against WWE, you gotta nail the show quality aspect of things too. From the looks of things now, TNA is well on its way to a glorified ECW (of old) with more money.

Dameon Nelson

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