Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pro Wrestling Report Interactive - March 17, 2010

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Reece said...

Don't get it twisted, TNA isn't getting great ratings right this moment on Mondays, that is true. HOWEVER, once Wrestlemania is over and Bret Hart goes away again, and they don't have the tricks up their sleeves anymore like they have used the last few weeks with Austin and a few other things......TNA will be up to a 2.0 rating by the end of April. TNA will figure out what the audience wants and use those things that get ratings. Samoa Joe will come back and get thrown into the mix. RVD will cut a great promo and have some AWESOME matches on Monday Night IMPACTS in the next couple months. There are things they can and will do that they haven't used to this point. Awesome Kong should be brought back and that will = a ratings boost to a certain degree also. This is a marathon, not a sprint:)

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