Sunday, February 28, 2010

RVD to TNA? Wrold X Cup, WWE Draft, Cornette Smartest Ever? Indie Wrestling - PWR Interactive Special - 2/28/10

Dameon and David answer emails from fans in Latvia, Canada, Michigan and Japan addressing several exciting topics!

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Reece said...

RVD to TNA is a absolute GAMECHANGING signing by Dixie and Hulk!!! If RVD shows up on Monday, which he mya already by the time you guys see this, then eventually he will shift a million or so WWE fans over to TNA in the next year. Think of the awesome fueds: RVD vs AJ, RVD vs Abyss, RVD vs Desmond Wolfe, RVD vs Pope, RVD vs Matt Morgan, RVD vs Ken Anderson, Rvd vs Jeff Hardy (when he is done with his legal shit)RVD vs Kurt Angle, RVD vs Hernandez. If you put those bouts on Monday Nights vs Raw, people will watch RVD, no doubt about it. Stoners will watch RVD because he is a spokesperson for weed and has an automatic following outside of the normal wrestling fan. Vince is shitting a brick, no doubt.

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