Thursday, January 21, 2010

Val Venis, Hogan in TNA, 6 Sided Ring, TNA Fan Rules - Interactive Jan 21, 2010

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Reece said...

Eight Million people watched wrestling on a Monday Night Match Up for the first time since 2001.......... TNA made that happen whether you want to admit that or not. Flair will do more on the mic than anyone else could to give more status to AJ Styles. After the HUGE celebration that WWE rolled out for Flair's retirment match against Shawn Michaels and then on RAW the next night...... nobody has ever gotten a send off like that before. Flair has the credibility to give AJ megastar status with his endorsement, which he will do. Flair and Hogan will not wrestle, they will verbally take Vince down through promo's and passing the torch to the young guys. Harley Race has done it before for other young stars. Flair has done it for other young guys in WWE before. Hall will not be a prick this time. Nash is willing to pass the torch on. Sting and Flair are going to cut an AWESOME promo together at some point. There is alot of shit to do with all these stars that will benefit TNA. Jeff HArdy alone is going to bring all of his young little emo fan bastards and lil fan girls to tune into to IMPACT. He will eventually fight all the top dudes in TNA (Hernandez, Morgan, Abyss, which he already had fucking cool matches with, of course AJ, Desmond Wolfe, Pope, Angle, Samoa Joe). And the best thing is that all the fat will be trimmed along the way. If Hall fucks up, he's gone. If Waltman fucks up, he's gone. IF Flair wrestles again, he will do it against Sting. You have to remember that Flair does have that anti-Vince side that wants to fuck Vince over and do a "post-Shawn Michaels" match, even if it is once, just to fuck the WWE and show them that they don't own his career (plus he needs the money honestly). They have alot of cards up their collective sleeves I think. If the other guys Hogan brought in cannot get "over" anymore or wrestle anymore or are ratings drains, he will move on and get other guys in there that can. RVD will watch this WWE/TNA battle and come to the one he thinks is his style. IF TNA can show that hardcore edge with Team 3D, Abyss, Rhino, Raven, Dr. Stevie, Tommy Dreamer (when and if he comes and wrestles), Sabu hopefully will come back in, Hardys (Matt and Jeff), Sandman, Taz on the mic.... then he will come in. RVD vs Jeff Hardy will headline in TNA someday in the next year or 2 I predict. NWO 4 LIFE :)

Anonymous said...

What did Steve Small do to the TNA fans before the TNA Impact tapings???? The hosts mention this at the 9:20 mark. I'm in the dark and I'm curious as to what they are talking about.

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